Foto MasBenifaió, 1899-Valencia, 1968

The artist who raised the fallas to the category of Art began as an apprentice of painting and scenery. In 1918 he built his first falla and in 1932 he made the first one with motion. Throughout his career made more than seventy fallas and received numerous awards. He was the first to make big fallas in which the satire and criticism gave theatricality and humour to the scenes. He has five ninots that were pardoned–that is, preserved instead of being burned– at the Fallas Museum (1941, 1942, 1944, 1947 and 1958).

Regino Mas began his collaboration with The Viennese in 1943, making the dwarfs’ masks for the variety show Lights of Vienna. He later continued to collaborate with sceneries for other shows. From 1960 on, he designed and made puppet heads, hands and feet for Herta Frankel.