The exhibition includes an attractive route with puppets from different periods: Herta Frankel puppets with The Viennese (1948-1959), the popular characters from the early Spanish Television (1959-1971), as well as the latest creations of the Company.
It shows puppets restored, adapted or built at Marionetarium (1996-2016), in addition to originals complemented with photographs, illustrations, videos, panels and live demonstrations. It also includes a great variety of forms and techniques that differ in their characteristics: masks, shadow puppets, glove puppets, rod puppets, black theatre and other mixed techniques.
It is organized and ordered according to the most representative pieces of the master puppeteers: Lluís Fontanet, Regino Mas, Harro Siegel, Irmgard Sturm, Herbert Fritz Bross, Elvira de Loyzaga, The Nieto Brothers, Zdenek Podhursky, Georges Lafaye, Josef Vítek, Fernando Gómez and Marionetarium.