Foto MarionetariumThe origins of the Marionetarium workshop are linked to the incorporation of Fernando Gómez to the Herta Frankel Puppet Company in 1985. In 1997 he started, within the atelier, an open workshop for the restoration, building and reconstruction of puppets in which the young trainees could take part. As a result, in 2001 Oriol Pont joined in. Since then, the latter has been in charge of all the keeping, restoring, reconstructing and building activities required by the complex variety of Marionetarium, covering the needs of the different stage sets and following all the initiatives and proposals of the artistic director.
Throughout its development, Marionetarium has had the privilege of valuable collaborations, such as that of restorer and painter Olga Muñoz. We should also highlight the importance of on-the-job-training of selected pupils, thanks to collaboration agreements with the School of Fine Arts and the Catalonian Fashion Institute in Barcelona.