Foto BrossStollberg, 1910-Scwäbisch-Hall, 1976

Descendant of family of wood sculptors, Bross learned bakery, studied industrial engineering and worked at Porsche. After the Second World War he decided to devote himself to puppet theatre. On the basis of his knowledge of mechanics he could study and further develop the German control system, which facilitates the handling of string puppets. The puppets he made for many puppeteers and theatres show the combination of his original aesthetics and his outstanding technical quality.
The «Bross puppet technique» is used in puppetry and studied in public universities. Bross taught the art of building puppets and how to use them professionally in the Institut für Puppenspiel. His best-known disciple was Albrecht Roser.
In 1960 Bross made for Herta Frankel the Accordionist Sailor, the Flamenco Guitar Player and the White-faced Violinist.