Foto FerBarcelona, 1957

Drawing, painting, and sculpture were part of his family environment throughout his childhood. Between 1977 and 1983 he carried out a street theatre project, performing as a clown and building giants, masks and puppets. He attended the Actors’ School in Barcelona for three years. In 1984 he started a workshop of articulated toys, where he took charge of the design, construction, decoration and distribution. In the same year he became an apprentice to Harry V. Tozer at his Puppet Workshop and for more than ten years they maintained a teacher-disciple relationship. He built the string puppet character of Julio Jaleo with the idea of its acting as the presenter of Tozer’s string puppets. In 1985 Tozer introduced him to Herta Frankel, who employed him as a puppeteer in her Company. He then found the numerous puppets Herta Frankel was keeping in baskets, and started restoring them and putting them back on stage. Since then he has performed with all kind of puppets. From 1988 to 1990 he taught at the Harry V. Tozer’s Puppet Workshop. After years of learning and researching, he created the string puppet Karam. In 1994 he collaborated with the Institut del Teatre for the exhibitions of Tozer’s string puppets that was taken all around Catalonia. From 1995 he focused on the Herta Frankel Puppet Company and the Marionetarium project. He has been its artistic director since 1996.